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Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell is an author, engineer, and mother of three wonderful sons. She has been nominated for the Scribe, Rhysling, and Dwarf Stars Awards and is a member of the SFWA, IAMTW, SinC, and SFPA. She also served for several years as an editor for Mindflights. Her latest published novel is SKEIN OF SHADOWS (2012), a sequel to 2011's THE SHARD AXE, published by Wizards of the Coast. Wizards also published her first novel, LEGACY OF WOLVES, in 2007.

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Back from the fun, exhausting, informative 2015 Writers' Police Academy, held at the Fox Valley Technical College Public Safety Training Center, where I and partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte got to take the following classes:

- Crime Lab (Fingerprinting 101)
- From Crime Scene to Autopsy
- An Insider's View to the World of Women in Law Enforcement
- Interview and Interrogation
- The Mindset of Cops
- Forensic Art and Witness Recall
- Overview of Forensic Psychology
- Crime Scene Photography
- Booking/Processing
- Milo (Military integrated laser operations) Simulator

I also got to meet author and 27-year police veteran Robin Burcell and Dr. Katherine Ramsland (pictured below):

And I learned SO MUCH. It was like being back in college again - pages and pages of notes, hundreds of pictures, so many great details that you can bet will be showing up in my work. It was, as noted, exhausting, but so worth it. And it wasn't all work:

(me with the DB in the Crime Scene Photography session)

(me in "The Chair" during the jail tour part of the Booking/Processing section)

Even 4 days isn't enough to do everything at WPA, so you can bet we'll be back!

Also, right before I left, I sold my poem, "Dutiful Daughter" to Devolution Z Magazine, so you should probably go check that out.

Everything Else

We got to take in a Norman Rockwell exhibit at the Trout Museum of Art while in Appleton, so I'll leave you with this image - A Rockwell in front of a Rockwell:



Not a ton to report here - got the Lady Justice revisions in, a revised sample off to my agent, submitted (and sold!) some new poetry/short fiction, and got to see the line art for "Scream Queen" (it's gorgeous)! Now I'm gearing up for the Writers' Police Academy this weekend in WI. SO much to see/do/learn! From the website:

The Writers' Police Academy offers the most hands-on, interactive and educational experience writers can find to enhance their understanding of all aspects of law enforcement and forensics.

This is a one of a kind event, featuring real police, fire, and EMS training at an actual police academy. Top instructors and experts!

- Ride alongs with police officers and deputy sheriffs.

- Jail tours.

- Interview and interrogation.

- Fingerprinting.

- Bloodstain pattern investigations.

- Building searches/Door breaching.

- Indoor firing ranges.

- Arson investigation

- Police gunfighting

- Special guest speakers.

and much more!
I can't wait!

Everything Else

Taking Max to Survivor Clinic after I get back from WI. Hoping to get the all clear (well, except on his hearing, obviously). Even though he won't have any scans done, there's still a certain amount of scanxiety associated with these clinics because the tests can give an indication of whether or not the tumor is acting up again or if some late effects from chemo are starting to manifest. So you're always holding your breath, hoping that another centipede shoe isn't about to drop. Nerve-wracking doesn't begin to cover it. So any good thoughts/prayers you want to direct Max's way would, as always, be much appreciated. Thank you! <3



Well, we did it! Partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte and I have delivered 7 SYKOS to our editor at HarperCollins. Clocking in at almost 110,000 words, it's not only my first original novel, but also the longest one I've ever turned in, and a scant two months after turning in the final book in my trilogy based on Neil Gaiman's Lady Justice comic books. So to say I've written a lot of words in the past several months would be quite an understatement! But I'm finally out from under all contracted deadlines, so now I get to do something I haven't done in a long time - read for pleasure. Can't wait to dive into my TBR pile, heh.

This weekend saw another first for me, too. My first appearance (for my first comic book credit) in Diamond PREVIEWS, for another collaboration with Jeff, "Scream Queen," a story that will appear in Evil Dead 2: Tales of the Ex-Mortis #2. Check it out:

Lots of exciting stuff happening on the writing front, so check back regularly for updates!

Everything Else

If you've read this blog for any length of time, you know my youngest son, Max, was diagnosed with cancer (neuroblastoma, Stage III) at 4 months of age. He underwent 4 rounds of chemo and is doing well now, though he'll never be in remission, because the tumor is still active and can't be safely resected because of its location. However, all chemo comes with side effects and what are called late effects - things that might not show up until years after treatment is over. One of these late effects is hearing loss.

Well, Max has been having trouble hearing of late, so they tested him at school and he failed completely on a couple of levels, so it's off to the Audiology Dept at PCH to get more accurate/detailed testing done and, probably, to plan to fit him for hearing aids.

The battle against cancer is never over. It's like dealing with a stubborn centipede that refuses to tie its shoes - any of those shoes can drop at any time, usually when you are least prepared for it. This is part of the reason I'm so adamant about pediatric cancer awareness. Because it's not over for Max and it never will be, until we find a cure, or treatment options that don't poison our children. There are several links on my website for organizations that raise money for research. Take a look if you're so inclined. Because:




Super-quick post. Partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte did an interview for Bleeding Cool where he talks about our Evil Dead 2 comic, some of our collaborations, and our collaborative process. Check it out!

Everything Else

Happy Father's Day to all dads (bio, step, adoptive), moms who're doing double duty, father figures, and anyone else to whom the word can be applied.

And big hugs to all the dads who can't be with their kids today and the kids who can't be with their dads, especially when the reason is that one or the other is celebrating in Heaven.

And Happy Solstice and first day of summer!



The news is starting to leak out in various places, so partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte and I decided it's probably safe to tell you now about our collaborative novel and who will be publishing it.

The novel is called 7 Sykos and it's being published by HarperCollins as part of their Voyager Impulse line. We're really excited to be part of this new line and can't wait to be able to tell you more about the book. Stay tuned!

Also, the Occupied Earth website is live. Check it out! My and Jeff's contribution is called "Letting Go the Ghosts" and we're both really proud of it. Get your pre-orders in now!

Everything Else

I've taken a part-time editing job in addition to being a mentor for ASU's Your Novel Year program. That, coupled with my writing, will probably mean continued sporadic blog posts, but don't worry - if something important happens, I'll be sure to let you know. (And you can always follow me on FB or Twitter, where I'm a little more active than I am here.)



And Lady Justice #3 is done! Some beta reader comments upon finishing:

"I’m crying again, but then you expected that, right?"

"You definitely twisted my emotions with that one, so good job!"

I'll be sending it off to my editor on June 1st (after writing partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte gives it a quick once-over for me), and then we'll see what happens. Hoping to have news on publication dates for all three books in the trilogy soon after.

In other writing news, friend, author, and poet Jaime Lee Moyer gives me a shoutout in her latest interview. Her Delia books are incredible, so if you haven't checked those out yet, rectify.

Also, as a reminder, Jeff and I will be participating in MegaMania again this year. July 11 at the downtown campus of Pima Community College in Tucson. Come see us and some other great authors talk about cool stuff!

Everything Else

Wednesday was the last day of school for my youngest two boys. Cue lack of writing time, heh.


While partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte and I originally made the decision not to attend PHXCC this year due to a plethora of looming deadlines, we have since had a serious difference of opinion with con management, which seems to value celebrities over authors/comics folks, and as a result, we won't be returning and will instead be focusing our resources elsewhere.

We're sorry for disappointing our many friends and fans who come to the con every year to see us, but rest assured that there will be several other opportunities to do so throughout the year, which we'll be announcing as they get closer. Thank you all for your understanding.


Back from the Vegas signing.

(Me and Jeff, photo courtesy Alan Black)

Had a great time hanging with the Amazing Wyked Writers, answering questions about writing, and meeting readers. Hope to do it again in December, so if you missed it this time around, mark your calendars!

Also, another anthology that my super-talented partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte and I have a story in has been announced by Ragnarok. Check out the lineup for MECH: Age of Steel. I'll post more about the Kickstarter when it gets closer to going live. In the meantime, enjoy this awesome cover art:

Everything Else

Surgeon has declared the fluid to be a seroma, so I guess the next step will be steroid injections. Fun!


So, it's May, and that means I'll be heading to Vegas with partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte, BFF Gini Koch, T.L. Smith, Sharon Skinner, and Alan Black for a workshop/reading/signing extravaganza at the Henderson Barnes & Noble on the 17th of the month, starting at 1 PM. Hope to see some of you there!

Also, Lady Justice #1 was an offering for Free Comic Book Day. Hope some of you were able to pick it up!

Finally, speaking of Lady Justice, the third book in my trilogy is due June 1st, so expect crickets and cobwebs on the blog for the rest of the month. I'll try to make it up to you in June.

Everything Else

MRI shows no re-herniation, thank goodness. There is some sort of fluid buildup pressing on the nerves that could be either a seroma or a hematoma. Waiting on the surgeon's review of the MRI to get a better idea which it might be and treatment options (if it's a seroma, we'll try an epidural with IV benadryl and versed to counteract the steroid reaction; if it's a hematoma, it will have to be drained). So, some answers, anyway, which is always better than none, heh.



Just a quick note, because looming deadline.

We're finally able to announce the TOC for Occupied Earth:

"Hunter X – Parts 1-3" by Richard Brewer and Gary Phillips
"Do No Harm" by Rachel Howzell Hall and David W. Hall
"Pike Street Pick-Up" by Adam L. Korenman
"Union Day" by Lisa Morton
"How the Game is Played" by Rob Hart
"Strange Alliance" by Cliff Allen
"Hope" by Matthew V. Clemens
"Location, Location, Location" by Howard V. Hendrix
"Letting Go the Ghosts" by Marsheila Rockwell and Jeffrey J. Mariotte
"A Day in the Life" by R. M. Johnson
"Second Coming" by Craig Faustus Buck
"The Devil You Know" by Jessica Kaye
"Johnny and the Warehouse Women" by Nathan Walpow
"Traitor" by Adam Lance Garcia

Releases in October!

Everything Else

Worsening back pain after surgery has led to another MRI. I get the results on Monday. FX it doesn't mean more surgery!

Also, prayers for those in Nepal and surrounding areas, and for those in Baltimore, who are facing a man-made disaster, as opposed to a natural one. I posted a rather apropos poem (it is National Poetry Month, after all) on FB. I'll share it again here:

Beaumont to Detroit: 1943
by Langston Hughes

Looky here, America
What you done done -
Let things drift
Until the riots come.

Now your policemen
Let your mobs run free
I reckon you don't care
Nothing about me.

You tell me that hitler
Is a mighty bad man.
I guess he took lessons
from the ku klux klan.

You tell me mussolini's
Got an evil heart.
Well, it mus-a been in Beaumont
That he had his start -

Cause everything that hitler
And mussolini do,
Negroes get the same
Treatment from you.

You jim crowed me
Before hitler rose to power -
And you're STILL jim crowing me
Right now, this very hour.

Yet you say we're fighting
For democracy.
Then why don't democracy
Include me?

I ask you this question
Cause I want to know
How long I got to fight

So sad to know this poem was written 60 years ago, but could just as well have been written yesterday. Something's got to give.


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