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Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell is an author, engineer, and mother of three wonderful sons. She has been nominated for the Scribe, Rhysling, and Dwarf Stars Awards and is a member of the SFWA, IAMTW, SinC, and SFPA. She also served for several years as an editor for Mindflights. Her latest published novel is SKEIN OF SHADOWS (2012), a sequel to 2011's THE SHARD AXE, published by Wizards of the Coast. Wizards also published her first novel, LEGACY OF WOLVES, in 2007.

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Back from the Vegas signing.

(Me and Jeff, photo courtesy Alan Black)

Had a great time hanging with the Amazing Wyked Writers, answering questions about writing, and meeting readers. Hope to do it again in December, so if you missed it this time around, mark your calendars!

Also, another anthology that my super-talented partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte and I have a story in has been announced by Ragnarok. Check out the lineup for MECH: Age of Steel. I'll post more about the Kickstarter when it gets closer to going live. In the meantime, enjoy this awesome cover art:

Everything Else

Surgeon has declared the fluid to be a seroma, so I guess the next step will be steroid injections. Fun!


So, it's May, and that means I'll be heading to Vegas with partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte, BFF Gini Koch, T.L. Smith, Sharon Skinner, and Alan Black for a workshop/reading/signing extravaganza at the Henderson Barnes & Noble on the 17th of the month, starting at 1 PM. Hope to see some of you there!

Also, Lady Justice #1 was an offering for Free Comic Book Day. Hope some of you were able to pick it up!

Finally, speaking of Lady Justice, the third book in my trilogy is due June 1st, so expect crickets and cobwebs on the blog for the rest of the month. I'll try to make it up to you in June.

Everything Else

MRI shows no re-herniation, thank goodness. There is some sort of fluid buildup pressing on the nerves that could be either a seroma or a hematoma. Waiting on the surgeon's review of the MRI to get a better idea which it might be and treatment options (if it's a seroma, we'll try an epidural with IV benadryl and versed to counteract the steroid reaction; if it's a hematoma, it will have to be drained). So, some answers, anyway, which is always better than none, heh.



Just a quick note, because looming deadline.

We're finally able to announce the TOC for Occupied Earth:

"Hunter X – Parts 1-3" by Richard Brewer and Gary Phillips
"Do No Harm" by Rachel Howzell Hall and David W. Hall
"Pike Street Pick-Up" by Adam L. Korenman
"Union Day" by Lisa Morton
"How the Game is Played" by Rob Hart
"Strange Alliance" by Cliff Allen
"Hope" by Matthew V. Clemens
"Location, Location, Location" by Howard V. Hendrix
"Letting Go the Ghosts" by Marsheila Rockwell and Jeffrey J. Mariotte
"A Day in the Life" by R. M. Johnson
"Second Coming" by Craig Faustus Buck
"The Devil You Know" by Jessica Kaye
"Johnny and the Warehouse Women" by Nathan Walpow
"Traitor" by Adam Lance Garcia

Releases in October!

Everything Else

Worsening back pain after surgery has led to another MRI. I get the results on Monday. FX it doesn't mean more surgery!

Also, prayers for those in Nepal and surrounding areas, and for those in Baltimore, who are facing a man-made disaster, as opposed to a natural one. I posted a rather apropos poem (it is National Poetry Month, after all) on FB. I'll share it again here:

Beaumont to Detroit: 1943
by Langston Hughes

Looky here, America
What you done done -
Let things drift
Until the riots come.

Now your policemen
Let your mobs run free
I reckon you don't care
Nothing about me.

You tell me that hitler
Is a mighty bad man.
I guess he took lessons
from the ku klux klan.

You tell me mussolini's
Got an evil heart.
Well, it mus-a been in Beaumont
That he had his start -

Cause everything that hitler
And mussolini do,
Negroes get the same
Treatment from you.

You jim crowed me
Before hitler rose to power -
And you're STILL jim crowing me
Right now, this very hour.

Yet you say we're fighting
For democracy.
Then why don't democracy
Include me?

I ask you this question
Cause I want to know
How long I got to fight

So sad to know this poem was written 60 years ago, but could just as well have been written yesterday. Something's got to give.



People have been asking and I've been waffling, but after careful consideration, my partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte and I have decided to pass on Phoenix Comicon this year. We both love the con and the people, but the final Lady Justice book is due June 1st and we're aiming to get our collaborative novel done not long after that and, well, there are just not enough hours in a day to get it all done, so contractual obligations have to come first.

We will try to come up one day to see our out-of-town friends, and when we figure out when and where, we'll let you know, in case you want to track us down.

Otherwise, we'll be signing at the Henderson, NV Barnes & Noble on May 17th, and we'll be at MegaMania down in Tucson on July 11th (further details on both will be coming in due time), so hopefully we'll see some of you at those events.

Everything Else

Everything else is a never-ending cycle of writing and back issues (one being far more enjoyable than the other, heh) that bore even me, so...hope you're all enjoying the beginning of Spring (those of you who aren't still getting snowed on, that is)!



Those of you who follow me on FB and Twitter have already heard the news, but some of you only check the blog for (infrequent) updates, so here it is for you: My amazing writing partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte and I have just accepted an offer for our first original collaborative novel (and MY first original novel, period) from a major publishing house, and we couldn't be happier. We're VERY excited, and I look forward to being able to divulge all the details soon, so watch this space!

Everything Else

A Happy and Blessed Pascal Triduum/Easter weekend/Passover to all who celebrate (and a great weekend to those who don't)!



Back from Tucson Festival of Books! Had a great time, as always, with partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte - sold books (moved lots of copies of Neverland's Library and Empty Rooms and sold out of my last remaining physical copies of The Shard Axe), talked to readers, caught up with old friends, made some new ones. Jeff did some panels, I lost my voice - the usual crazy writing weekend with several thousand of our closest friends!

(Jeff and I at the Author Pavilion)

(Sam Sykes, Jonathan Maberry, Jeff, Eric Schock at a post-panel signing)

Also great seeing Gini Koch, Terry L. Smith, Deena Remiel, Kris Tualla, Erin Quinn, Melanie of Dog-Eared Pages, Joseph, Duncan and Andrea, David, Nicole and Baby K, Dori, Wes and Von, Frankie, Amy, Janni, and probably more people I'm forgetting (sorry!), and meeting Erica and Mimi and Jonathan's lovely wife Sara Jo. (And congrats to Izzy on her first story publication!) Many thanks to Kris and the Dreams Convention for the table space. Can't wait to do it all again next year!

ETA: Also, the lovely @leahcanscience sums up some of my writing advice from the SDSU Writer's Conference here. Check it out!

Everything Else

Stayed over an extra night because I was sick and sore, then drove home from Tucson and pretty much straight to Physical Therapy (3x/wk for 4-6 weeks). Short session because I was hurting after the drive, but I'm looking forward to getting back into fighting form. Or, you know, to at least being able to sit without pain, heh. #asmallgoalbutitsmine

Also, Happy St. Patty's Day!

May your blessings outnumber
The shamrocks that grow,
And may trouble avoid you
Wherever you go.



First off, I've finally added a Videos page to my website, which contains several segments I did for the ASU Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing video interview series, and a couple of other fun things. Check it out!

And I finally get to announce another collaboration I did with the awesome Jeffrey J. Mariotte. "Letting Go the Ghosts" is a story we did for the Occupied Earth anthology, which is available for pre-order now and drops on October 15. I don't have a TOC yet, but here's a partial description:

Occupied Earth is a groundbreaking anthology that explores the idea of what the world would look like years after its conquest. 20 years after a successful invasion by the Makh-Ra, humanity still exists, only they have become subservient to a new race of occupiers who now govern the devastated planet. But, as much as things continue with some sense of normalcy, something has happened in the Mahk-Ra’s empire. Earth, once considered a strategic beachhead of major importance to the Empire, has been downgraded in its value. Things are starting to degrade. Our planet is the last place any self-respecting Mahk-Ra officer wants to be assigned. Yet, despite everything, life continues. These stories bring us face to face with annihilation — and show how we can pull ourselves back from the brink. Featuring Rachel Howzell Hall, Lisa Morton, Matthew V. Clemens, Howard Hendrix, Nathan Walpow and more, OCCUPIED EARTH is coming. Stay safe. Stay strong. Survive at all costs.
And the cool cover:

Occupied Earth Ebook Complete

Spiffy, no?

Everything Else

Today when the boys get home, it's officially the beginning of Spring Break. For TWO AND A HALF WEEKS. O.o Send help. Or chocolate. Or help with chocolate. I'm not picky.



I know it's been quiet here, mostly because of my back surgery, but writing has still been happening. Part of that writing includes my very first comic book script, written with my uber-talented writing partner, Jeffrey J. Mariotte. Space Goat Publishing has procured the rights to do Evil Dead 2 comics, and Jeff and I get to be part of that! Specifically, we've written a story for Evil Dead 2: Tales of Ex-Mortis ("Hellraiser with jokes"). Not sure yet if it'll appear in issue 1 or 2, or who the artist will be, but I'll post that info as soon as I know it.

We'll also be at Tucson Festival of Books (March 14-15) again this year, in the Dreams Convention Booth (#106). We'll also have a slot at the Author Pavilion (Sat., 10:15 AM - 12:30 PM) and Jeff will be doing several panels (which he'll be listing on his blog soon). Come see us!

Everything Else

The surgery went well. I'm still in the recovery period, which means limited sitting at the computer, driving, etc., but the incision is healing well and as long as I don't overdo it, I'm in less pain than before the surgery. Looking forward to being 100% in time for TFOB!



Some quick updates before I go to radio silence after my surgery.

SDSU Writers' Conference was a great success. Gini Koch and I taught three VERY well-attended sessions - we ran out of handouts because there were so many people, and the bookstore sold out of the writing books we recommended (and most of mine that they had, too). It was the first time I've ever had someone live-tweeting my advice, so that was cool (thanks, @leahcanscience!). I got to see Deena Remiel for about three seconds, to meet Sheila Gilbert from DAW and commiserate with her about allergies, to hear Jonathan Maberry's excellent keynote speech (the highlights of which are compiled here), and also to tour some of my writing partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte's old stomping grounds. Awesome conference - I highly recommend it!

Speaking of Jeff, Neverland's Library, which contains our first published collaboration ("A Soul in the Hand", a novella about our fantasy characters Elin & Kord), was voted one of the Top Ten Anthologies of 2014 in the Preditors & Editors Poll.


And BOTH Neverland's Library and Out of Tune (edited by the aforementioned Jonathan Maberry), which contains my and Jeff's second published collaboration ("John Barleycorn Must Die"), made The Arched Doorway's Best of 2014 list. Not a bad track record so far, and we've got a ton of new stuff that should be out this year, so keep checking back!

ETA: Both stories are also eligible for the Nebula/Hugo, so if you're a voter and you'd like to see them, let me know!

Also, not to tease, but this is being released in May. Can my Lady Justice novels be far behind?

Everything Else

As mentioned, back surgery is schedule for Feb 2nd, so I don't imagine I'll be doing too many updates for a while. Be good while I'm gone!



Happy 2015! My writing year is starting out busy. Working on Lady Justice #3, have several short stories in various stages of development with writing partner Jeffrey J. Mariotte (as well as a novel and another project we just signed the contract for that I'm really excited about), and gearing up to serve as writing "faculty" for both San Diego State University's College of Extended Studies and Arizona State University's Virginia G. Piper Center for Creative Writing (Your Novel Year 2015).

For you west coast peeps, I'll be teaching at SDSU's Writers' Conference Jan 23 - 25. Here's my schedule:


  • 5-6, No Host Mixer (optional)

  • Saturday:

  • 10:30-11:20, Finding Your Voice, Rio Vista G

  • 11:20am-1pm, Networking Luncheon (optional)

  • 1-1:50, World Building in SF/F/H, Rio Vista F

  • 4-4:50, Short Story & Novella, Santa Fe 3 & 4

  • 5-6 pm, Reception (optional)

  • I've included the "optional" stuff, but I may or may not be at those events depending on how my back is doing, etc. I'm really looking forward to the conference and I hope to see some of you there!

    Also, speaking of Jeff (I did, up there in the first paragraph), I'd be a horrible partner and a lousy friend if I didn't tell you his latest (solo) thriller, Empty Rooms is available (though it's not officially out until Feb 8), and it is REALLY good. I was lucky enough to read it early (and got the first ARC!), and all I can say is that I wish that I'd written it. I don't really have any higher praise to offer. Check it out for yourselves. You won't be sorry. (Also, if you follow his author page on FB, he's posting a chapter a week until the official February release - sneak preview!)

    ETA: Neverland's Library, Out of Tune, and Bridges of Longing will all be available from the bookstore, so pick up whatever you're missing of mine while you're there!

    Everything Else

    Back surgery on Groundhog's Day. There's probably a joke in there somewhere, but I'm not sure what it is, heh.


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