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Marsheila (Marcy) Rockwell is an author, engineer, and mother of three wonderful sons. She has been nominated for the Scribe, Rhysling, and Dwarf Stars Awards and is a member of the SFWA, IAMTW, SinC, and SFPA. She also served for several years as an editor for Mindflights. Her latest published novel is SKEIN OF SHADOWS (2012), a sequel to 2011's THE SHARD AXE, published by Wizards of the Coast. Wizards also published her first novel, LEGACY OF WOLVES, in 2007.

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A couple of reviews have popped up over the last week.

David over at Lisa's World of Books gives Skein of Shadows four penguins, and B.A. of I Smell Sheep fame has a nice review of Legacy of Wolves over at Kalpar's Arsenal. I particularly like this part:

"Thanks to her I came away from Legacy of Wolves with a much better understanding of the Eberron universe and an interest in learning more about it, whether through stories by other writers or through playing the Eberron setting."

Which is, you know, why we do it (aside from the fame and fortune, of course, heh).

Everything Else

With everything else that's been going on medically, I neglected to mention (here - I did mention it on FB & Twitter) that Middle Boy has been diagnosed with food allergies (on top of his allergies to practically every plant that grows in AZ). He's been losing weight, so we had some blood work done, and this is what we know so far - he's allergic to wheat, egg, and dairy (as is Max, though Max has a ton more food allergies to deal with). Now that we have two kids with restricted diets, it's no longer feasible to buy separate food, so it means the whole family is pretty much embarking on a new way of eating. Thanks to all of you who've sent recipe suggestions, links to websites and GF products, etc. Wheat, milk, eggs and their various proteins are in probably 80-90% of everything on the grocery store shelves (not to mention restaurants), so obviously we will be doing a lot more cooking at home.

Did I mention I hate cooking? Well, I do, but I love my kids, so...bring on the chef's hat! Heh.


I definitely recommend all my readers go check it out.

Great reviews, Marcy!